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  • Yakon Mold Technology Co., Ltd.

  •  [Guangdong,China]
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  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:ISO9001
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Yakon Mold Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Yakonmold is a leading supplier of quality plastic injection mold specializing in Automotive airvent system Automotive Bin system Automotive door system Automotive lighting system Automotive bumper Windscreen wiper BMC Phenolic parts Gas injection Speaker Fret and other plastic parts Yakonmold has long cooperation with Bentley VW GM Jaguar Land Rover Scania Ford Nissan etc We strives to make our injection molding services efficient and economical for the plastic mold industry We are well equipped and experienced from mold design to manufacturing let us easily and cost efficiently supply the plastic injection industry with a wide variety of economical mold and parts Whatever your plastic...

Categories and Products

Automotive Parts

Automotive Airvent System

Plastic Injection Mold Automotive Air Vent Mold Plastic Injection Mold Auto Air vent Mold Plastic Injection Mold ThumbWheel Part Plastic Injection Mold Housings products Plastic Injection Mold Auto Side Housings mold Auto Airvent molding Car accessory Automotive Interior Molding Plastic Products Vehicle Interier Mold Car Accessories Automotive Interior Molding Car Spares Automotive Accessory Molding Vehicle spares Automotive Air vent Molding Auto Spares parts Auto Air Vent Plastic Injection Molding 2K mold plastic Injection molding Plastic injection molds auto spares molding Auto Plastic mould Auto Air Vent Moulding Car Air Vent Plastic Moulding Auto Assembly Auto Air Vent Moulding Plastic mould Auto Air Vent tools plastic moulding Auto Air Vent Plastic injection tools Auto Plastic injection moulding Car injection mold 

Automotive Bin System

Auto Storage Bin Plastic Injection Mold Plastic Bezel Part Vehicle Bin Mold Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Making Auto Plastic Injection Storage Bin Molding Vehicle Mold Storage Bin Plastic Molding Auto mold Storage bin system Storage Bin Molding Automotive tools Plastic Injection Molding Auto Storage Bin Plastic Auto Accessory Molding Storage Bin Plastic Injection Mold Car Spares Molding Auto Molding Storage Bin Plastic molding Auto Storage Bin moulding auto spares Auto Storage Bin moulding plastic mold Automotive Storage Bin plastic injection mold Storage Bin Auto Plastic mould Car Storage bin Plastic injection molds Auto Storage bin plastic injection molding Auto Plastic injection mold Bin system Plastic injection mold Car Storage bin molding Platic injection mold auto spare 

Automotive Door System

Car Door Plastic Injection Mold 20T making Automotive Door Mold Plastic Injection Parts Plastic Injection Car Door Molding Plastic Molding Auto Door System Plastic Auto Door Molding Automotive Accessory injection molding Car door system Automotive plastic injection mold Door system Automotive door system Plastic injection molding Automotive Spares Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Injection Mold Auto Accessory Molding Auto Door Mould Plastic Injection moulding Plastic Injection Mould Auto Door tools Automotive door plastic injection moulding Automotive Interior mould Car door moulding Car Door Plastic mould Plastic auto door injection moulds Automotive Door Plastic injection molding Automotive plastic door system mold Automotive door system plastic injection mould Plastic auto door injection mold 

Automotive Lighting System

Auto Plastic Injection Mold Lighting system Car Lighting System Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Molding Auto Lighting system Plastic Molding Auto Accessory tooling Plastic Injection Molding Lighting system Automotive plastic injection mold car lighting Automotive Accessory Plastic injection mold Vehicle light Automotive Injection mold Car lightings tools Automotive Mold Plastic Injection Mold Parts Automotive lighting system Plastic Injection Mold Auto lighting plastic injection mold Plastic injection mould Car lighting tools Automotive lighting plastic mould Automotive lighting system mold Automotive lighting plastic injection moulding Car lighting plastic injection mold Lamps series plastic injection mold Auto Plastic injection mold lamps parts 

Automotive Bumper

Automotive bumper Molding Plastic Injection Mold Auto Accessory Auto bumper injection molding Plastic injection mold Automotive bumper mold Auto plastic injection mold bumper molding Plastic Injection Mold Car accessory bumper mold Plastic Injection Mould Auto bumper tools Auto bumper mold Plastic injection Mold spares Auto Bumper mold Car Accessory molding Auto Spares injection molding Auto bumper mould Auto plastic injection mold auto bumper Auto plastic injection mold car bumper Auto plastic injection mold car bumper tools Auto plastic injection mold car bumpers moulding Car bumpers moulding plastic injection car mould Auto bumpers moulding plastic car spares tool Automotive bumper tool plastic car mould Automotive Bumper Plastic injection moulding Auto Bumper mould Plastic injection mold Automotive Bumper mould plastic tool Auto Bumper plastic injection mold 

Windscreen Wiper

Auto windscreen wiper Plastic Injection Mold Plastic Injection Molding Windscreen wiper Windscreen wiper mold Plastic Injection Molding Automotive windscreen wiper mold Auto Spares Auto windshield wipers mold Plastic Injection Mold Automotive windshield Moulding Plastic mold Auto windshield plastic injection moulding Auto plastic injection mould auto windshield Auto spares windshield plastic injection moulding Windshield wipers plastic injection moulding Auto windscreen wiper mould Auto Windshield wiper mould Auto Windshield wipers plastic mold Automotive windshield plastic injection mold spare Plastic injection mold auto windscreen wiper spare Automotive plastic injection mold Car wipers Rain Tray Plastic injection mold Plastic injection mold auto windshield wipers 

Other Automotive Accessories

Automotive Accessories Molding Plastic Injection Parts Plastic Injection Mold Auto Accessory Tools Automotive Accessory Plastic Molding Car Spares Auto Accessory Molding Auto Interior Molding Auto Interior Molding Car Platic Molding Automotive Spares molding plasic auto parts Automotive plastic injection mould Car Interior Car Accessory plastic injection molding auto mold Plastic Auto accessory molding Car Interior Plastic Injection Molding Auto Interrior Mould Automotive Plastic Injection Moulding tools Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Molding Auto Plastic Injection Molding Car Console parts Automotive Interior Products Plastic Injection moulding Auto Plastic Injection mould auto interior mold Automotive plastic injection mould 2D and 3D Auto plastic injection mold Auto Plastic injection mould Car Interior Car Interior moulding Auto parts Auto Plastic mold car interior 

Speaker Fret

Speaker Fret Mold Plastic Injection Molding Auto Mold Plastic mold Speaker Fret Auto Injection Mold Speaker Grille Mold Auto Grille Molding Plastic Injection Mold Automotive Mold Car Speakers Fret Automotive Mold Speaker Grille Mold Automotive Accessory Mold Speaker Fret tool Speaker Fret Mold Auto mould Auto plastic injection mold Speaker Fret mold Plastic Injection Molding Speaker Grille Mold Automotive speakers Fret moulding Automotive plastic injection moulding Speakers Fret Speaker Fret plastic injection moulds Speaker Fret moulds auto tools Auto plastic Speaker grille mould Speaker Fret plastic injection mold Speaker Fret plastic injection mould Auto Plastic injection mold speaker Fret Speaker cover parts auto plastic injection mold Plastic injection mold auto speaker cover products 

Helicopter System

Plastic Injection Mold Primary Bend Plastic Injection Molding Diffuser Plastic Injection Mould Diffuser Products Plastic Injection Molding Compression Molding Auto Molding Plastic Injection Molding Helicopter plastic spares Helicopter Plastic injection molding Accessory Plastic molding Auto molding BMC molding Plastic mold 2D and 3D available Plastic injection mould PPA Plastic injection mould 2D and 3D accept Plastics engineering auto injection molding Plastic injection mould automotive spares Auto plastic engineering injection mould Plastic mold injection molding Plastic injection mold prototye parts available Plastic injection mould auto mold Plastic injection mold Helicopter injection mold Plastic injection Precision mold Helicopter spare Plastic injection Precision mould spare parts 

BMC & Phenolic Parts

BMC Molding Automotive Mold BMC Mold Auto Plastic Injection Mold BMC Mold Plastic Injection Mold Automotive Mold Phenolic Mold BMC Mold Phenolic Mold BMC Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Injection Molding BMC mould BMC moulding plastic parts Phenolic mold BMC Mould Phenolic Molding Auto Molding Phenolic Mould BMC Mould Automotive Interior Mold BMC mold Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Injection Molding BMC Mould production BMC and Phenolic Plastic injection mold BMC plastic injection moulds Phenolic tool BMC and Phenolic mould production molds BMC mould plastic injection mould Phenolic plastic injection moulding BMC mould plastics injection mold Phenolics plastics injection molding BMC and Phenolics plastic mould BMC mold plastic injection mould 


Plastic Injection Mold Gas-Injection Gas-Injection Molding Plastic Auto molding Gas-Injection Plastic Injection Molding Gas Injection Molding Auto Spares Mould Auto Accessory Molding Gas-Injection Gas injection mold automotive molding Plastic Injection molding automotive spares tool Automotive injection moulds auto interior parts Gas Injection plastic injection mould Gas injection plastic injection tool Gas injection plastic injection molds Automotive console plastic injection mold Automotive console plastic injection mould Insert molding plastic injection mold Plastic overmolding auto plastic mold Plastic injection mould auto molding Gas-injection automotive console system mold Auto console system plastic mold Auto spare plastic injection mold Engine parts plastic injection mold 

General Plastic Parts

Auto Plastic Injection Mold Mechanical Joint 2K mold Plastic Injection Mould Auto mold 2K Plastic Injection Molding auto molding Plastic Injection Molds Auto mold BMC mold Auto tool Plastic Injection Molding 2K mold Plastic Injection Mould Compression Mold Plastic Injection Mold Automotive molding Auto mold plastic Injection Mold 2K mold Vehicle Plastic Injection Mold Auto mold Plastic Automotive Injection Mold Compression Mold Plastic Injection molding Auto Spares molding Plastic Injection Molding general plastic parts Car Plastic Injection mould Auto tools Plastic injection moulding natural color parts Plastic injection moulding products auto injection tools General plastic injection moulding 2K mould Plastic injection tool Automotive Plastic injection mold spares Plastic injection mould auto spares Plastic injection mould auto moulds 


Plastic Injection Mold Auto Mold Plastic Injection Molding Automotive Molding Automotive Plastic Injection Mould Car molding Plastic Injection Molding Auto mould Car Accessory Plastic Injection Moulding Vehicle Plastic Injection Moulding Auto mold Auto Mould Plastic Injection Molding Automotive Molding Plastic Injection Tools Automotive Plastic Spares Molding Car Moulds Bathroom Moulding Bathroom plastic products Injection Mold Auto Plastic Injection mold Car Spares Plastic Injection Auto spares moldings Plastic Injection Moulding Plastic molding Auto plastic injection moulding auto molding Automotive interior plastic injection moulding Car bumper molding plastic injection mold Plastic injection moulding auto tooling Plastic injection moulding auto spares tooling Auto plastic injection molding Automotive plastic injection mold 

Toolroom And Equipment

Plastic Injection Mold Compression Mold Plastic injection moulding auto tools 

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